I eventually know the exact reason why MxO is no more, it didn't have anything directly to do with the game itself, even if it did not be as popular as WOW. I think the real reason why MxO is never heard from again was when Monolith handed the game to Sony Online entertainment (S.O.E.). They are the ones who pulled the plug, as well as made some unpopular decisions to add in MxO. This isn't a coincidence, in another game, Starwars Galaxies, which S.O.E. have been minding over, when LucusArts wanted to make it a bit more action-packed, SOE recklessly shortened the classes as well as uncaringly eleiminate the towns which some of the players have earned. Sony Online entertain are a bunch of grossly neglectful bunch of boobs that should not be trusted with any game whatsoever. Their touch is poisonous to any game. I think even a bunch of highschool students would make a better job than those bunch of asses. it was as if they raped the matrix Online and then dumped it in the trash when they finished screwing with it, no memorabilia, or even more important an archived website containing the work that was carefully planned by the creators of MxO, or at least some online encyclopedia of the game with short articles on the characters. Heck, in the online game, S.O.E. relied on humans to be some of the characters(no offence to the liaisons whose work is definately commendable), guess they didn't really like taking part ofcomplex code. So, i guess they killed at least one game and almost killed the Starwars MMO. here is a plea to all online gamers who want to have a long living MMO game, please don't ever let S.O.E. touch it or do anything to control it.

cheers everyone

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