• Wafflestompyamum

    Mister Anderson

    February 20, 2017 by Wafflestompyamum

    Fuck this page and you stupid no life virgins that actually put time and effort into this shitty fucking page, matrix was a good movie that you ruined with your cringy ass page were you call suck off Neo you weird ass cunt niggas bitch faggs. I hope all 53 of you all end you life after dropping out of school to still living with your mum, licking her moot daily.  My name is Ronan Blythe and I am here to ercadicate you all, I was home alone and finally fucked my cat, so I was in a happy mood until I saw this fucking cancer as fuck wiki. I am the dark overlord and I am going to destroy you all, I am chaos itself, fear me as I bleed black blood and cause terror across the land.

    - Rawr xD

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