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    Interwiki Links

    November 20, 2016 by Xensyria

    So, I've been looking into the strange world of inter-language Matrix wikis over the past few days, and found out that some of the wikis we were linked to no longer exist.

    It turns out these wikis (French, Spanish and Turkish) had been created, but apart from the home page, had no content. Wikia's scripts had checked for empty wikis, and deleted them, but left all the other wikis linked to them.

    Now I've gone through all the ISO 639-1 language codes... and found a few more .matrix wikis. it.matrix has a few articles, so shouldn't be a problem if it's added. zh.matrix on the other hand is another "home page only" job...

    The third one I came across is ru.matrix... its one article doesn't compare well to ru.neopedia's 218 (and counting...), but it…

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    Other Wikis

    November 19, 2016 by Xensyria

    I'm in a list making mood... so as well as the Matrix Online and Matrix Fanon (edit: plus Matrix Roleplay!), here are some other wikis that discuss the Matrix... see how deep the rabbit hole goes:

    • Crossover Wiki: The Matrix
    • VS Battles: all Matrix articles
    • Top Strongest Wikia: all Matrix articles
    • Robot Supremacy Wiki: all Matrix articles
    • Movie Morgue Wiki: all Matrix articles
    • All the Tropes Wiki: The Matrix
    • PPC Wiki: The Matrix
    • Villains Wiki: The Architect, Agent Smith, Abel, Bane, Cain, Twins, Machines, Sentinels, Deus Ex Machina, Cypher, Cypherites, Agent Johnson, Vamps, Merovingian, Agents, Larry the Architect (parody), Sanderson (parody)
    • Heroes Wiki: Resistance
    • Superpowers Wiki: Cyberpotence
    • What is the Matrix? Wiki (another generic Matrix Wiki)
    • Unc…
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  • Xensyria


    November 16, 2012 by Xensyria

    With the new(ish) navbar at the top of the Wiki, I thought it was time to get the forums working. Forum:Index should now serve as the hub, with three subforums: Forum:Construct for discussions about the wiki and content (it's something we're all building after all), Forum:Zero One for technical help (whether machine language or otherwise) and Forum:Matrix for discussions about the Matrix series.

    I've also started it off with an idea on a new systematic approach to the Wiki (please have a read and post your thoughts there). As always, let me know if it's working, what you think, and if you have any ideas for better names for the forums!

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  • Xensyria


    July 29, 2012 by Xensyria

    In honour of the 2012 Olympic Games, World Record has been edited up to Featured Article status, as can be seen on the main page.

    It has meant the creation of a new template: , which will be brought into use on all the Animatrix films as they are edited up to the same standard.

    So if you have a favourite Animatrix film, try the template out, and edit the rest of the page while you're at it: let's get them all up to speed!

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    New Wordmark

    June 30, 2012 by Xensyria

    Clear your caches! A new wordmark has been made to mark the appointment of our latest admin.

    The picture, which you see at the top of every page here on the Matrix Wiki, replaces , but with Matrix code matching the background, and darkened at the edges to make it blend more seemlessly onto the page.

    If you're having trouble viewing it, then try refreshing or clearing your cache; failing that then post below, and let us know what you think of it either way!

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