I've been rereading the films' scripts and trying to work out a more accurate history of the Matrix universe recently. Questions like when was the first One made? (i.e. did he appear and found Zion at the start or end of the third Matrix?), and how long did the first two Matrixes last for? (Agent Smith says "Entire crops were lost" to Morpheus about it in The Matrix with no indication of how long this was).

There is also the issue of dates, many of which we have on the wiki don't seem to add up, the only ones I think connected to our own (A.D.) history are:

  • Morpheus says to Neo that sometime in the early 21st century mankind made the first AI, which spawned the race of Machines (and says they they live closer to 2199, a guess later shown to be false)
  • The known Hovercraft were built between 2026 and 2111, as seen on their nameplates

These tally up: hovercraft were created while humans were free, both before and during the Second Renaissance.

The dates for the Machine War however (2092 [Start], 2095 [Operation Dark Storm], 2102 [End]) seem to contradict these and I can see no sources for them other than this wiki. As a result I would say that until we find sources to back them up we should remove the years from the history articles, and mark those three year articles with a template asking for verification.

The Timeline page is one of the most relevent articles, and while I thinking about the former questions I revamped the page with a more clear series of events for the third, fourth, fifth and sixth Matrixes. But the page is more than just a simple timeline, listing the complete history of the series.

I therefore propose that we rename the page "History" and move the badly named Chronology of the Matrix franchise to "Timeline" instead (it is more a simple order of stories than detailed history, and could be linked to in the Movies infoboxes "Timeline" series order). I don't want to do this without letting other people know though and want to know what you think; please leave your opinions as comments below.

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