So, I've been looking into the strange world of inter-language Matrix wikis over the past few days, and found out that some of the wikis we were linked to no longer exist.

It turns out these wikis (French, Spanish and Turkish) had been created, but apart from the home page, had no content. Wikia's scripts had checked for empty wikis, and deleted them, but left all the other wikis linked to them.

Now I've gone through all the ISO 639-1 language codes... and found a few more .matrix wikis. it.matrix has a few articles, so shouldn't be a problem if it's added. zh.matrix on the other hand is another "home page only" job...

The third one I came across is ru.matrix... its one article doesn't compare well to ru.neopedia's 218 (and counting...), but it raises two last issues: multiple Matrix wikis in the same language, and wikis with non-standard names.

For multiple wikis in the same language (Polish, for example, has at least three...), I guess the most important thing is if they've got an active community or readers. If they're all dead and barely viewed, the .matrix name seems a good one to go for. In the case of Polish, pl.matrix had about 5 articles, pl.system had about 8, which wasn't much work to copy over to it, and the bizarrely named pl.matrixwikipl had just one more. That said, if, like ru.neopedia, it's got a LOT of articles, then it's probably worth just sticking with it, especially as a LOT of articles means that someone's put a LOT of time and effort into it. Names like that are nice and quirky too... maybe we should have gone with pl.system after all!

As for strangely named Matrix wikis (I only just came across pt-br.enter-the-matrix for example, as well as our very own parallel wiki whatisthematrix, and even this wiki was originally named before the Matrix Online wiki was moved from our current name!), there could be thousands of them out there for all I know, some of them probably created before a Wikia script freed up the .matrix wiki in their language. Until Fandom does some serious indexing then I guess we'll just have to wonder...

So I guess there's no point in creating policies for this stuff, but if it comes up again that's my thinking...

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