Hi everyone, in case you haven't spotted my edits I'm new to this Wiki but have been making steady edits since I joined last month. I've sorted out The Matrix Comics articles (correcting the old three series/volumes confusion), and am planning to keep on adding more detail to them as I truly think they're the lost gem of the Matrix franchise.

I've also been correcting articles and adding loads of them to their categories, but the main thing I'd say would improve this wiki is a new Theme.

For one, the plain colour makes it look tacky: the Matrix is famous for black screens and green text, so why not customise our theme to fit it? The menus at the top and the layout on the main page are another thing: Why not show the true range of media in the franchise by putting the three films at the top, the Animatrix and Comics below them (perhaps next to new article on the Websites) with the three games underneath? This could be a main feature of the page and fill the second menu (surely one MxO menu is enough, especially with the repetition within them).

I've made another Wiki here and know how easy this is to do: it's a matter of seconds not minutes to change the theme. I'll make a new "Wordmark" to show you my vision, but without the correct privileges I won't be able to do anything, and nothing will change:

While I may be new here I'd like to see this project go far! If you let me I'd be happy to fix things and would continue to monitor the wiki if I was given Admin rights: If you give me the responsibility I'll pay back the trust; I just hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears! So please comment: let me know what you think and if you disagree tell me why, because that's surely how a wiki should work!


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