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Don Anjaya Battee

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Physical description

First Mate




2 meters


2 meters

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Chronological information
For the server in The Matrix Online, see Vector (Server)

Vector was the First Mate of the Vigilant. He seemed to be a pair with Binary. When Axel was kidnapped by agents Vector helped Soren get him back. When Niobe split up with Ghost to find Axel Niobe went into the airport's hangars. Niobe found herself cornered by the police but saved by Vector.

This opened a chance for Niobe. She told Vector that she would enter the plane that Axel was in and he would eliminate what remained of any security or police in these hangars. After Vector was done with that he went back into the terminal with Soren and Binary.

When the Crisis Meeting was interrupted Vector, Soren and Binary did not choose to hold back the police and buy the other rebels time to escape. Instead, they decided to all find a phone and jack out. When Morpheus called the Vigilant to help Neo enter the Source Vector, Soren and Binary's mission was to destroy the backup generator of the nuclear plant.

However Vigilant was destroyed by Sentinels before they could complete the mission, and all died. After their deaths, Trinity is forced to enter the Matrix to complete their mission.


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