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Wan Ni Mokaraakhom

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"WanNi is very fair. He's hard to work under, but we know he cares for us deep down."
Neurophyte [src]

WanNi was a zionite hacker and the first mate of the Novalis II which was commanded by Sawayaka.


  • taken from mxoarchive

Awakened at an early age, WanNi spent more time in Zion than he did in the Matrix. Always interested in programming, WanNi spent most of his spare time with computers. Idolizing soldiers, he joined the Zion military as soon as he was eligible. WanNi is a soldier to the core, and always follows orders from his Captain. He has risen to second in command of the Novalis II under Captain Sawayaka.

WanNi himself is something of an enigma. The only information Zion has on the man is that which he has provided himself. In discussions with others, he is guarded, but hints dropped in conversation seem to indicate his father was an officer in the military of a South Asian country and personally hunted Morpheus. Apparently, Morpheus and WanNi's father encountered one another, and WanNi was offered the Redpill shortly thereafter. It is not known if Morpheus was the one to offer WanNi the pill, or another Zion operative.

WanNi always follows orders, and rarely cracks a smile. Most comfortable in a military setting, he often becomes frustrated by the antics of the crew under him.

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