Wells and Lake

Trinity running for the phone booth in Wells and Lake as Agent Smith drives towards it.

Wells and Lake were two streets which intersected in Mega City within the Matrix.

Trinity's escapeEdit

Morpheus gave Trinity instructions to get to a phone in Wells and Lake for an exit after the failed attempt to arrest her in Room 303 of the Heart O' The City Hotel while she was monitoring Neo. She got there as Agent Smith arrived driving a garbage truck, and, hearing the phone ring, she ran for the phone booth, escaping just as the Agent drove the truck into it.

Neo's meetingEdit

After being captured and interogated by the Agents, Morpheus instructs Neo to go to the intersection so that Neo could meet him.



Wells and Lake

Intersection of Wells and Lake in Downtown Chicago.

  • Lana and Lilly Wachowski were both born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and placed many street names and references of their hometown in The Matrix. Wells and Lake is an over-crossing street near West Upper Wacker Drive in Downtown Chicago next to the Chicago "L" Line train.

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