Witches are a type of Exile in the Matrix. The two most prominent witches were the Rogue Witch, who was a prisoner of the Merovingian, and "the Witch", who was the most powerful Exile that worked for him.


Witches had different powers; ordinary Witches were resistant to (and even gained pleasure from) high voltage electric currents, while more powerful Witches' powers ranged from telekinesis over physical objects such as pillars and other people, teleportation of themselves and others, a disruptive vortex affecting any too close or a banshee like howl which dazes and harms all close to them and can even tear down walls.

As well as having individual powers, all Witches' code are different from the normal green color; most having red code, but some, such as the Rogue Witch, had blue.

The Merovingian's domainEdit

As Exiles, some Witches lived in the Merovingian's Chateau, parts of which contain their paraphernalia such as large cauldrons. Many ordinary witches were masochistic, and could be found both in the Chateau being electrocuted to their pleasure or in Club Hel hung from the ceilings in chains.



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