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Zion made?

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ZAITSO (or Zion Artificial Intelligence Text to Speech Operator) was a man-made program created by Zion. His job was to be a personal assistant to Cpahr, a Zionite.

Biography Edit

Chapter 8.3.5Edit

ZAITSO belonged to a Zionite named Cpahr, until he lost the program when the machines sacked the mainframe of the Old Zion. Machine operatives were contacted by a Zionite named Cpahr] who hoped that they would return this program to him, who described him as a "personal digital assistant program" that he had lost when the Machines sacked the old Zion mainframe.

When interrogating the program the the machines were given information of previous conversations with the EPN leader, the Kid. Cpahr was dismayed that when he was told that the operatives decided to keep the program for further questioning, due to the important information.

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