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"This city's been sleeping for too long"
Zeissman [[src]]

Zeissman was a crewmember aboard Neo's Hope and a liaison in the Recursion server of The Matrix Online.

Biography Edit

Birth and Early Years Edit

Jeffrey Zeiss was born 27 years ago. He was born on the backseat of a sedan whilst reaching the hospital. When he became older, he was a mostly happy and intelligent child growing up in Magog. He had high grades which continued on into his high school, Hammerville High, but played little league. He later became interested in aquatic life, as well enjoying going to the beach. Although he did take a drug or two after partying, it never hinder him from graduating high school and starting college.

Turn for the worst Edit

Whilst studying marine Biology at College, he managed to get himself an apartment with one of his college roommates and friends, who viewed each other as brothers. However, things drastically changed when Zeiss found out that his friend died in a mysterious firefight.

As a result of this, Zeiss' life become depressed and he started suffering from nightmares. He began to question his death, which culminated in him questioning everything, and time began to shift back and forth for him. For example, once, whilst sitting in a lecture, he suddenly felt a shift and then wound up in his bed.

However, these peculiar phenomena eventually reached their climax during a day in the lab, where he hallucinated that there were men coming to "get him", he then suddenly suffered a panic attack and "died" from a heart attack.

A New Life Edit

Instead of dying, he woke up in a pod, strapped to machines and then flushed down into the sewers, where he was rescued by a hovercraft which was rescuing a newly freed female. He then worked for Zion, and later E Pluribus Neo.

References Edit

[Zeissman on WordPress]

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