―Captain Mifune after Zuka was hit by a Sentinel [src]

Zuka was a senior member of the APU Corps during the Sixth Matrix Resistance, who died during the Battle of Zion.


Zuka was born during the Sixth Matrix, presumably to parents living free in Zion. He joined the APU Corps and rose to a senior position in its ranks.

Zuka in combat

Zuka in combat

Before the Battle of Zion, Zuka was deployed along with the rest of the Corps under Captain Mifune. He manned APU 9 and was the middle of the front three APUs during Mifune's pre-battle speech. Along with Mifune and Duck, Zuka defended from the platform to Gate 1, holding the position while the Diggers breached the Dock's ceiling and the army of Sentinels rushed in. The fighting continued, and as more and more Sentinels drew closer, Mifune ordered Zuka and Duck to knuckle up back to back with him and each other, forming a tight triangle with each covering the others' backs. Zuka began to run low on ammo, and radioed for a reload. While the reload team ran out of their bay towards the APUs, a Sentinel flew through a gap between Duck and Mifune and hit Zuka's back.
Zuka falling

Zuka on the edge of the platform, about to fall

He stumbled towards the edge and tottered on the brink of the platform as Mifune cried out "Zuka!", before falling to his death, taking the Sentinel with him and narrowly missing Zee and Charra.


  • Zuka was originally called Goose in the shooting script for The Matrix Revolutions, and fought alongside Duck (who isn't named in the film).
  • Presumably when it came to shooting it was felt that Goose didn't sound dramatic enough, and so Mifune was made to shout "Zuka!" instead.


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